About Our Shop

"I'm not here to be average...I'm here to be awesome."-unknown

Tuff Inventory

Taylored Tuff is dedicated to providing you with quality and elegance in every garment. Solid colors that are essential to every complete outfit.  Sometimes less is more. The Tuff women clothes herself in simplicity because her beautiful, strong personality is the true asset to her wardrobe. She prides herself on being polished. She is free! To stand alone or in a crowd, either way, she stands out. She walks with a kick step because she'll have the life she dreamed up.


The Owner

Stephanie Taylor Marsh is an Entrepreneur/ Marketing Major. She has a Cosmetology license from Paul Mitchell and studied Fashion Design at Otis College of Art & Design in Los Angeles. She is self-taught and driven in many areas.

Taylored Tuff gets its name from the owners Maiden name, "Taylor" & a nickname given by her father as a child "TuffKnees". "He called me "Tuff" for short growing up. I always loved it", says Stephanie. "I haven't been called it since his disappearance nearly 7 years ago." Now Tuff will always be around.

Stephanie is positive. A Doer. A Believer. A lover & forgiver. She is an opportunist. While you may argue about the glass of water, she’ll drink it! She is passionate and strive's for peace & love.