So you want to go Blonde...


Sometimes I get guests that come in and understand the process. Or at least they sorta get it. They definitely don’t think that it’s going to happen in one visit.  

But then I get guests who actually think I am taking them super blonde today! Why I don’t do this and why it’s usually not possible, you will find out if you keep reading.  

Senario #1 

You have virgin Hair which has never been colored. You come in and and show me a picture of a beautiful balayage ombré, enhancing your natural root color.  

Is this possible?  

Absolutely! Depending how long and thick your hair is you can expect to spend 2-4 hours and can expect to pay $150-250. Plus in my salon I would make it mandatory to add Brazilian bond builder to your lightner which is a additional $25-50 

Senario #2 

You have only ever colored your hair one time. EVER!  

Great! It’s still going to take you at least 2 sessions but depending how dark you are and how light you want to be, it can still take a year to safety get there. You can expect to spend $150-250 per session. It depends what you are wanting.

Is that shocking? Why? I mean Hair is pretty resilient, but like us all, it reaches a breaking point.

Can Brazilian bond builder help? Absolutely. It absolutely pushes the limit. But it’s not a get out of jail free card. But it’s close!

Senario #3

You have been coloring dark brown over all your hair for years. Box color or professional color. The layers still add up.

Here’s the thing.

Every hair texture and persons body chemistry is so so different. So when you hear your hairstylist say that. She’s not just feeding you a line. We don’t know. We’re not Jesus.

Here is thing number two.

The product a hairstylist uses. Is incredibly consistent. Incredibly. These companies don’t invest millions of dollars into there product and scientists to get a product we take a gander with every application. These products are created by scientists. Highly educated scientist.

With that being said. The product is consistent. So when your hair is done lifting and it won’t pull through brassy orange or yellow. It’s a “what’s on your hair microscopically factor” and your body chemistry. Could be you have really shitty water in your area. Are you on well water? Do you smoke? Are you on medication? 

Ive had pregnant women who lift super quick to white blonde and then not when they are pregnant. Is that a hormone thing? I won’t even try. I’m a hairstylist. But I’ve seen it. I’d call that body composition.

When Hair stops lifting. It’s done. A stylist can either go back through every section and use a higher developer and place it on that area. Or you have patients. Respect the process. Let her rinse and style you and schedule your next appointment.

Unless you have hard lines or holidays or splotches on your hair. She didn’t do anything wrong. It’s just that’s where your hair went this session.

Dont rail off on her. Don’t say “OMG. I JUST THOUGHT IT WOULD BE BLONDER”. Trust the process. Trust that she has done all she could this session. Either come back or if you are that upset, simply move on to another hairstylist. If your last hairstylist did it in one session GOOD! Go back to her!!! 

There is a lot of pressure that someone clients place on their hairstylist. And if I discover that about a client. I won’t take you anymore. I love my job. And I intend to keep it that way.

Hasta pronto!