Is it worth it?

The past 3 years especially, I’ve just become aware of what’s really worth my energy. Every time I react to a situation, or right before I do, I like to say, “is this worth my energy”? 

Unless it’s positive it’s usually not.  

I’m the type of friend, or even person in your life that cares. I know that even if I am super busy in my day I can either make you feel loved or invisible just by a response. 

I have several “friends” who are active on Instagram all day, but they can’t seem to “remember” to text you back because they are so “busy”. I think both are bullshit. You either care enough about something or someone to remember or you don’t. If you didn’t want to have a child you wouldn’t forget to take your birth control everyday. And if you did, well that’d be called careless.  Then there’s busy. I’m one of the busiest people I know but I still find time to make people in my life feel visible. 

What I’ve learned is that you stop giving energy to people who don’t give you any. Not responding to someone’s call or text after 3 days. That’s not busy, that’s called not caring.  

I give energy to life and people and situations that give energy back to me.  

So why are people more lonely then ever? In a world with more social media then ever? Because they give too much energy to a media that gives nothing back to them. Now that’s another blog in itself.